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Our Core Specialties

Individuals and Couples Therapy and Coaching

    • Stress
    • Depression, anxiety
    • Conflict resolution, anger, resentment
    • Relationships, codependency
    • Career and personal growth
    • Pre-marital and marriage counseling
    • Pre- and post-baby counseling
    • Divorce issues and recovery
    • Parenting, children and adolescent issues
    • Family conflict
    • Sexual problems

    Our Approach to your Health through Coaching and Mentorship

    Do you want an overall Lifestyle Upgrade?  Are you seeking Professional Growth?

    Our Modern Approach will tackle the Areas that Matter.:

    • Aesthetics
    • Body Confidence
    • Impression Management
    • Social Media Identity

    We help with Relationship Acquisition and Relationship Maintenance Guidance.  Help you to Resolve Old baggage that is preventing the achievement of your Goals.

    Concisely, we serve individuals, couples, and groups with a focus on the masterful and comprehensive problem solving and enhancement of one’s personal and professional goals.

    We have special expertise in providing high quality thoughtful services for people who identify as public figures requiring the ultimate discretion, top level executives, LGBTQA, persons of color, and people seeking alternatives to traditional religious denominations.

    We also do not limit our services to traditional emotional support; instead we venture into areas that are critical in balancing our modern, fast-paced lifestyles such as cosmetic and aesthetic areas, sexuality and gender concerns, long-distance family and romantic relationships, isolation in a social media world, and simply feeling and achieving success in a rapidly shifting economy.

    We understand dynamics as it pertains to individual, groups, and dyads. And we move well beyond basic recommendations to help you succeed in the context that is causing the most difficulties.