50 Minute Session Gift Card(s)

The Perfect Gift for Family, Friends, & Couples

The gift of wellness is a life-long treasured gift and can restore a person who is suffering or really off track in life.

Giving the gift of wellness is not new, but the gift of mental, social, and emotional health is a new trend that is one that will hopefully stick around. People are constantly experiencing critical transitions in life and are often ill-prepared or lacking substantial support.
The gift of modern psychology is perfect for life transitions, because it’s likely to be life-changing.

Here is a list of appropriate occasions where the gift of happiness is sure to be the best gift received and a gift that will be life-long!

  • Pre-marriage
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Post-divorce
  • Post-partum
  • College Freshman/High school Seniors
  • New parents/Baby Showers
  • Significant Personal Transition
  • Significant Professional Transition
  • Family or friends hoping to reveal true identity (coming out)
  • Anyone having a difficult time
  • New Health Diagnosis
  • Friends and family having marriage difficulties
  • Peers, family or spouse struggling with life, career, love

All Daily and Weekly Reservations with Dr. Victoria are available as gift certificates as well. Please see Subscriptions/Prices tab (active link) for more information on daily and weekly reservations.

Pricing Gift Certificates for Scheduled Sessions via Audio or Videoconferencing:

1 50 minute session: $150.00
3 50 minute sessions: $400.00
5 50 minute sessions: $600.00
10 50 minute sessions: $1100.00

Constant Contact 24/7 Messaging

Gift a Messaging Plan for yourself or a Loved One

Prices for Gift Certificates for Constant Contact Messaging (CCM) service subscriptions:

* Select the number of weeks or the number of months at checkout and indicate that it’s a gift certificate by selecting “GC Weekly subscription” or “GC Monthly subscription”

Weekly subscription rates: $75.00/week
Monthly subscription rates: $50/week