Feeling Unloved? Then now is the Time To Fight. Don’t fall into despair. WIN! Only then will Fulfillment come… and perhaps the love you desire will come too.

There’s an empty feeling when you look into your partner’s eyes and you feel invisible, misunderstood, and completely uncared for.  These feelings are magnified if you have children because you’re busy caring for them and no one is nurturing you.  You may even be caring for aging parents and children simultaneously.  Undoubtedly, this lowers your self-esteem and the urge is to neglect yourself, cry for yourself, abuse your body with unhealthy foods, and generally give up hope that this life has anything to offer you. But, Do Not do that.  Don’t let them WIN.  You can Still WIN… if you choose to take care of yourself in spite of feeling like a failure; in spite of feeling alone; in spite of feeling undesirable; and in spite of feeling like the prospect of love has passed you by.

Instead, this is a time to rally the troops.  Who are the troops when you feel so alone?  When you’re down you tend to discount the relationships that bring  joy.  Whether it’s the sweet lady behind the deli counter at your local grocery store or it’s the old friend that you’ve lost touch with, it’s time to reach out and nurture those people who nurture you. They ARE there if you look hard enough.  If you’re unable to find or identify them, then it’s time to call on your God (whoever that may be), your inner voice, your philosophies or ability to meditate, or good old fashioned books and bloggers who are inspiring and uplifting.  If you simply look hard enough, you will find positive messages all over the world and all throughout your daily life.

You must consider opening yourself to receiving the love and kindness in all the ways that they are present for you… even if it means appreciating the smile from a stranger and taking a moment to be grateful for that.  It’s simple. It’s a choice to be open to hope.  Fill your mind with positive quotes, set goals, and affirm all that is good about you.  Daily practice is what makes these tools work most effectively.  Begin prioritizing the healing of You.  You deserve it. Trust that even though you may have a place deep inside of you telling you that you don’t.

A wonderful friend of mine once gave me simple and loving advice during a difficult time right after the birth of my child.  She said: “your only job right now is to fight for your life; don’t drown; keep yourself afloat”.  Focus in on your perceived hopelessness and allow it to empower you to Exceed expectations.

Discount the people putting you down and put yourself around those you want to see you prosper!  Your partner is no longer curious about you.  Your boss may not be acknowledging your work.  All of those people that rely on you and that you take care of may take you for granted. Surrender to your reality.  Accept it, laugh about it… Because … you can still WIN… and Success is Going to feel delicious! Put down the unhealthy food.  Take an extra minute to groom yourself.  Walk out that door; and do some things differently. Rise up. Find a way and take my friend’s advice.   Don’t drown.  Keep yourself afloat.  Give yourself time to reset so that you can implement an effective plan. WIN!