Discretion, Convenience, and High Quality Experts to help you achieve your Goals.

Services are flexible to fit your lifestyle and level of need. Flexible formats are offered ranging from highly efficient hourly services to daily and weekly bookings for the most demanding clients.  Subscription options are also available.

How we work

Each encounter will include a thorough but efficient assessment of the current problem followed by a blueprint of how to resolve the matter or troublesome dynamic. At the end of each session, we debrief and ensure that you have an understanding and most importantly, an action plan.  Our mission is to effect actual change.  We do not merely give conceptualizations or comfort.  We help you see results and trick yourself into motivation if motivation itself is the primary problem.

Our motto is to break through barriers and help you succeed.

We’re not passive.  If you don’t have an agenda for yourself but you’re stuck, we’ll help you create one that will enrich your life.

We’re modern therapy for “smarties” – people who know the importance of effectively managing their lives.

Life Management & Acquiring Critical Life Management Skills

In some regards, we are essential to those who have it all, but continue to struggle in spite of having achieved success in many areas.  Dr. Victoria has an excellent style of distinguishing the trivial from the important, while validating the negative emotional experience that can result from both.  And more importantly, then leading you to efficiently make changes in areas that will produce the best return on your time investment.